Ahmed Mohamed Meets Google Co-founder Sergey Brin at Google Science Fair

Short Bytes: Ahmed Mohamed visited the Annual Google Science Fair after

Bill Gates Sponsored Giant Fans Will Soon Suck CO2 From Air and Recycle it as Fuel

Short Bytes: CO2 is the major cause of climate change

World’s Biggest 0-day Bug Bounty Program: Hack Apple iOS 9 to Win $1,000,000

Short Bytes: Security firm Zerodium has launched “The Million Dollar

How We “See” a Black Hole, Even Though It’s Invisible

Short Bytes: How do we “see” a black hole when

The 21 Bitcoin Computer is a Small Linux-powered Machine for Bitcoin Mining

Short Bytes: The startup 21 Inc. has released its first

An iMac with Retina 5K Fighting to Death Against an Anti-tank Cannon

Short Bytes: Watch this gadget torture video that includes an

Exploit broker offers $1 million for reliable iOS 9 exploit

Here’s a treat for hackers and security researchers who don’t

Soon, you may not be able to delete WhatsApp messages for 90 days

Govt mulls a policy that requires users to save messages,

Adobe Patches 23 Critical Vulnerabilities in Flash Player

Adobe has released a Flash Player update that addresses 23

Top QLD sex shop cops Cryptowall lock; cops flop as state biz popped

Cryptowall attackers are smashing businesses in the Australian state of

Android Malware Steals Money from Your Bank Account, Hides SMS Transaction Alerts

New Android malware was discovered, able to steal money from

First Apple Car Coming in 2019, According to Report

Short Bytes: First Apple car is coming in 2019, according

Stay Informed, Stay Away from Facebook Dislike Button Scams

Short Bytes: It’s reported that scammers are taking advantage of

India’s New Encryption Policy is Ridiculous, Deleting Your Chats Could Soon Become Illegal

Short Bytes: The government of India doesn’t understand the concept

Scientists Code the First Complete Tree of Life with 2.3 Million Species

Short Bytes: For the first time, scientists have programmed a comprehensive

World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds That Can be Charged Through Phone

Short Bytes: Techies and Designers with a background in the mobile

Apple’s First Android App is Just a Copy of Another Existing Android App

Short Bytes: The Move to iOS app from Apple already

Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: BitPay Hack, California Bitcoin Bill Dies

After two weeks of sharp, last minute changes in the

Linux Mangaka Mou Arrives for Anime and Manga Fans, Based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Just a few minutes ago, September 20, Animesoft International had

US Air Force Creates an Airplane for Hacking Enemy Military Networks

At the Air Force Association Air & Space conference in