Canadian Government of Nunavut (GN) Suffered Ransomware Attack

The Canadian Government of Nunavut (GN)) has recently disclosed a

Most Fingerprint Scanners Could Be Vulnerable To Exploit Within 20 Minutes

It seems the security experts need to work on developing

Marriott Warns Of A Security Breach Exposing Social Security Numbers Of Associates

Marriott has once again suffered a cyber attack. This time,

This Malicious Android Keyboard App Scammed 40 Million Users

Researchers have revealed another Android application that has reportedly targeted

NordVPN Launches Bug Bounty Program Along With Other Security Upgrades

NordVPN has recently announced major security upgrades. The changes came

Thousands Of Android Users Fall Prey To xHelper Malware Menace

A new Android malware has made it to the news

US Fast Food Restaurant Krystal Warns Users Of A Security Breach

US-based chain of restaurants Krystal has recently alerted customers about

Security Vulnerability Discovered in Xiaomi Pet Feeders

While each passing day makes the internet-of-things more popular, it

Largest database of Indian credit/debit card records sold on dark web

Cybersecurity researchers at the Singapore-based firm Group-IB have identified data

Italian Financial Service UniCredit Discloses Data Breach Affecting 3 Million Customers

This time, the victim is an Italian financial service that

MageCart Gang Recently Targeted P&G E-Store

The notorious MageCart Gang once again made it to the

Adobe Leaked 7.5 Million Records Of Creative Cloud Users’ Data

Once again, a prominent technology firm has made a blunder

Two New MageCart Attack Victims: Sixth June, American Cancer Society

Today we report about further prey of the notorious MageCart

Researcher Finds Vulnerability in Japanese Hotels Tapia Robots

Internet-of things is seemly always vulnerable to security flaws. From

17 Malicious iPhone Apps On App Store Found Targeting Users With Adware

Scammers and criminal hackers always seem to find a way

Samsung Patched The Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Flaw

A few days earlier, Samsung’s flagship phone came into limelight

FTC Banned Retina-X Spying Apps Until Proven For Legitimate Use

The Federal Trade Commission has taken some robust steps towards

B2B Payment Service Billtrust Went Down After Ransomware Attack

One more firm has now emerged as a victim of

After Avast, NordVPN server gets hacked

Users today realize that they may get hacked, logically because