Flaw in GTA V Online makes your player immortal: GTA V cheat

Since video games are a competitive activity, multiple members of

Video surveillance systems in Moscow were hacked. Access to cameras in schools, parks, streets, offices and hospitals for sale on dark web

The Moscow Department of Information Technology has just reported that,

Flaws in Mitsubishi Electric GOT2000 allow hacking of any machine in a manufacturing plant

Network security course specialists reported the finding of at least

73 Hacking Tools in one Hacking Tool – Step By Step

Introduction We always prefer Operating system which has all penetration

Critical vulnerabilities found in Schneider Electric Systems

A network security course report prepared by specialists from the

Microsoft launches free Linux memory forensics tool for detecting malware

The new project has been named Freta by Microsoft. In

Double quote flaw in uploaded file name in PHPMailer allows installing ransomware

A security flaw has been revealed in PHPMailer, the code

Zero-day vulnerability in Python allows DOS attack: No patch available

Specialists from a pentesting course company reported the finding of

11 flaws in networking products Citrix ADC, Citrix Gateway and Citrix SD-WAN WANOP

The network penetration testing team from tech firm Citrix has

ThiefQuest Ransomware Targets Mac Devices As It Spreads Via Piracy

Heads up Mac users! Don’t fall for the Little Snitch

F5 Networks Vulnerability Comes Under Active Exploit Right After Disclosure

It hasn’t been long since the enterprise networking gear provider

DuckDuckGo Collected Users’ Browsing Data – Addressed The Glitch

The reason why services like DuckDuckGo thrive lies in their

How a lower screen resolution or cheap monitors can save you from a new virus if your antivirus can’t

The developers of the popular TrickBot Trojan have added a

After TikTok, LinkedIn And Reddit Caught Spying On iOS Clipboard

Recently, TikTok drew attention due to the way it kept

Like TikTok, Reddit is spying on what you type in the phone through the clipboard

The testing of the beta version of the iOS 14

Palo Alto Networks Addressed Critical Vulnerability In Firewall OS

A critical vulnerability existed in the Firewall OS of Palo

Numerous Malicious Android Apps Stole Facebook Credentials

Once again, researchers caught a bunch of dubious apps preying

FBI warning: These Samba flaws can be exploited to take control of a network

Network security course specialists reported the finding of multiple vulnerabilities

Zero-day flaw in .NET Core lets hackers break any antivirus & evade detection

Specialists from a cyber security consulting company reported the finding

Attackers Hide Credit Card Skimmers In Image Files To Steal Data

Card skimming attacks have long been a menace for the