Android Stagefright Exploit Code Released to Public

Joshua Drake, the researcher who found the so-called Stagefright vulnerability

DD4BC Hacker Group Blackmails Companies for Bitcoin Using DDOS Attacks

A group of hackers that goes under the name of

Turla APT Group Abusing Satellite Internet Links

Poorly secured satellite-based Internet links are being abused by nation-state

Police develop MAC-sniffing software to track stolen devices

The L8NT could help law enforcement track and find Wi-Fi

Android Malware Secretly Subscribes Victims to Premium SMS Services

The Android.Trojan.MKero.A malware is making a comeback in Androidland, and

iOS 8.4.1 Kernel Vulnerabilities in AppleHDQGasGaugeControl

When auditing iOS kernel executable, we found that the code

Microsoft Patches Graphics Component Flaw Under Attack

Microsoft today patched a vulnerability in its graphics component present

Cyberespionage group caught borrowing banking malware code

Russia’s Pawn Storm group uses a malware dropper based on

WhatsApp “MaliciousCard” Vulnerabilities Allowed Attackers to Compromise Hundreds of Millions of WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp Web is a web-based extension of the WhatsApp application

Relax, Windows 10 doesn’t have a malicious ‘keylogger’

“Microsoft is recording what you type and say,” says one

Hundreds million legit websites could serve Ransomware because of Script Injection compromise

Heimdal Security published an interesting post on the increase in

3l33t haxxors don’t need no botnet, they just pinch passwords

Crooks can thrive by ‘living off the land’ rather than

Reverse-Engineering iOS Apps: Hacking on Lyft

If you’ve ever needed to know how another piece of

Time to patch your firmware! Backdoor discovered in Seagate NAS drives

If you have not recently updated the firmware for your

Ashley Madison Hack Latest Reminder Stupid Passwords Are Stupid

The recent hack of fembot dating extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison,

Self-Driving Cars Are Hackable

Jonathan Petit, security researcher at Security Innovation, Inc., has revealed

Zero-day vulnerabilities reportedly found in Kaspersky and FireEye security products

Sounds like it’s going to be a busy few days

Coder pleads guilty to writing Gozi banking trojan

A man credited with helping to create the infamous Gozi

Outdated WordPress Sites Used to Deliver Teslacrypt Ransomware

Heimdal Security researchers have observed a new ransomware campaign that

‘UNSW is drunk’: Facebook page gets hacked on university’s Open Day

UNSW staff had to scramble to contain an embarrassing outbreak of