Iranian APT group hits schools, universities in global spear phishing attacks

   The APT group known as Silent Librarian has increased

US Dept of Justice steps up legal action against crypto crime

   It has been less than three months since Twitter

What Programming Languages Do Ethical Hackers Use?

   Ethical hacking is now commonly used as a favored

100s of schools at risk after Magecart attack on Wisepay

   The school financial services supplier Wisepay discovered a Magecart

Researcher uploaded spyware on official Fitbit store

   The researcher took advantage of the Fitbit gallery which

3TB of clips from exposed home security cameras posted online

   These clips were recorded from home security cameras featuring

Hackers exploit VPN, Windows flaws to influence US elections

   According to CISA, these flaws are centered around Fortinet

Cyber Security companies dismantle Trickbot ransomware botnet

   Trickbot was discovered in 2016 as a banking trojan

Team Xecuter members arrested for selling Nintendo Switch hacks

  Max Louarn, Yuanning Chen, and Gary Bowser who are

Ransomware attack on health tech firm disrupted COVID-19 medical trials

  Philadelphia-based health tech eResearchTechnology (ERT) firm suffered a ransomware

CyberArk Discover Numerous Vulnerabilities In Popular Antivirus Solutions

Researchers from CyberArk Labs have found serious vulnerabilities in multiple

Shopify Sufferd Data Breach Because of “Rogue” Employees

Shopify has blamed two of its support team members for

SilentFade malware stole Facebook credentials, $4 million in ad fraud

Facebook claims that a Chinese company is responsible for operating

Attacker builds malware variant with leaked Mirai source code

The source code of Mirai was leaked in September 2016,

UEFI malware named MosaicRegressor found on Diplomat computers

  This UEFI based malware is the second of its

OceanLotus hackers injecting malware in Windows error report

  According to researchers, the fileless attack is being carried

Top anti-virus, anti-malware products contain security flaws

  According to cybersecurity firm CyberArk, at least one anti-malware

Code Execution Vulnerability Found In Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android app had a serious vulnerability that could

UN Maritime Agency Suffered Cyber Attack Disrupting Its Web-Based Services

A UN maritime agency has emerged as the recent victim

Vulnerabilities Found In Post Grid And Team Showcase WordPress Plugins

Another heads up for WordPress admins. Two more WordPress plugins,