Google Forms App Defense Alliance To Stop ‘Bad Apps’

After receiving back to back reports of malicious apps on

Vulnerability Found In Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell

Continuing on the trail of smart security systems exhibiting security

Multiple Security Issues Detected In Cisco Small Business Routers – Update Now!

Researchers have noted numerous security issues in multiple Cisco Small

New Attack Strategy Against Smart Assistants Dubbed ‘LightCommands’

Researchers have come up with a new attack strategy against

More Adware-Delivering Android Games And Camera Apps Removed From Google Play Store

Researchers have discovered more malicious Android apps on the Play

Serious XSS Vulnerability Found In Avast Desktop Antivirus For Windows

Recently, Avast disclosed a security breach aimed at its CCleaner

BEC attack: Nikkei employee transfers $29 million to scammers

The company has filed a damage report with investigative authorities

Targeted Ransomware Attacks Hit Several Spanish Companies

Everis, one of the largest IT consulting companies in Spain,

First Cyber Attack ‘Mass Exploiting’ BlueKeep RDP Flaw Spotted in the Wild

Cybersecurity researchers have spotted a new cyberattack that is believed

WhatsApp For Android Now Supports Fingerprint Lock

WhatsApp is a popular messenger among users, even after Facebook

Researchers Highlight How Android Apps Ditch Google Play Store Vetting Process

Google has tightened its policies for application developers in an

APT41 hackers spying on texts with MessageTap Malware

Fireye catches APT41 spying for the Chinese on Linux servers.

Facebook Consented To Pay UK ICO £500,000 Fine Without Admitting Liability

The aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal continues for Facebook

21 million login credentials of Fortune 500 Companies found on dark web

The top 5 passwords used by the Technology industry among

Popular Android Emoji keyboard app makes millions with unauthorized purchases

Ai.type, an Android app that has earned over 40 million

Thousands of Android devices infected with unremovable xHelper malware

Amongst the various reasons out there to buy an iPhone,

Facebook Sues Israeli NSO Spyware Firm For Hacking WhatsApp Users

Finally, for the very first time, an encrypted messaging service

Russian Hackers Targeting Anti-Doping Agencies Ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

As Japan gears up for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics

New malware targets Discord users to steal personal data

One of the most frequently used messenger services out there

Millions of websites using CDNs at risk of CPDoS attack

CPDoS can be used to attack content delivery networks (CDNs)