Friend’s girlfriend sextortion scam infects PCs with Raccoon malware

Raccoon malware is a powerful malicious tool designed to steal

Hackers are exploiting critical vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange server

Microsoft has over 1.2 billion users worldwide and that makes

2 in 5 Android devices found vulnerable worldwide – That’s over a billion

Another day, another Android vulnerability – This time there are

201 million US demographic, personal records leaked online

Another day, another data breach – This time, an unknown

Man hacks Indian tech support scam call center; leaks CCTV footage

The tech support scam call center has now been raided by

Hackers dropping info-stealer malware with fake security certificate alerts

Distributing malware through software updates of legit services is a

Legal Firm Epiq Global Went Offline After Ransomware Attack

Epiq, a global law firm, has emerged as the latest

PwndLocker Ransomware Aims Big With High Ransom Demands

Considering the growing money-making potential of ransomware, more and more

Fake reviews & third-party apps cause 50% of threats against Android

This report does not highlight threats against iPhones. Mcafee has

New Phishing Campaign Delivers NetSupport Manager RAT Via MS Word

Researchers have discovered a new phishing campaign in the wild

Huawei Announces Huawei Search App For Smartphones To Replace Google In Future

The US Government’s ban on Huawei has resulted in a

‘SurfingAttack’ Uses Ultrasonic Waves to Activate Siri/Google And Take Over Mobile Devices

A few years ago, we previously heard of DolphinAttack targeting

Voice assistant devices can be manipulated with ultrasonic waves

A new type of attack called “SurfingAttack” can be used

Hackers leak up to 4 TB of OnlyFans content for download

OnlyFans is denying that it has been hacked. OnlyFans is

Israeli firm leaks database with addresses of millions of Americans

Thanks to @0m3n, a security researcher from San Diego, the

Police lose evidence to Ryuk ransomware attack; suspects walk free

The ransomware attack took over computers with digital evidence on

kr00k – Billions of Wi-Fi devices affected by encryption vulnerability

The IT security researchers at ESET have disclosed a new

PayPal rejects report that exposed critical account takeover vulnerabilities

In a shocking decision, PayPal has rejected vulnerabilities reported by

Department of Defense’s DISA Confessed Data Breach

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) holds significant importance

Adobe Patch Two Critical Code Execution Bugs A Week After Patch Tuesday

Last week, Adobe released its monthly Patch Tuesday updates addressing