Researcher Demonstrates 4 New Variants of HTTP Request Smuggling Attack

A new research has identified four new variants of HTTP

Dell EMC Patched High-Severity Vulnerability In iDRAC Controller

A serious vulnerability existed in the DELL EMC iDRAC Controller.

Adobe Addressed Multiple Security Vulnerabilities In Magento

Adobe has recently released patches for multiple security vulnerabilities affecting

Critical Security Vulnerability Existed in wpDiscuz WordPress Plugin

Once again, a critical security flaw in a WordPress plugin

This Phishing Attack Aims At Stealing Netflix Credentials And Payment Information

While most people around the world are now spending time

US UK Cybersecurity Agencies Warn Of QSnatch Malware Actively Exploiting QNAP Devices

Recently, the US and UK cybersecurity agencies have issued a

Disgruntled Researcher Drops Two Tor (0Days?) Vulnerabilities – Promises More Soon!

An angry researcher has dropped two Tor vulnerabilities (he calls

Timeless Timing Attack – Exploiting HTTP/2 For Effective Remote Attacks

A new attack strategy has surfaced online that can enhance

Cisco Addressed Multiple Bugs In Data Center Network Manager

Cisco recently issued patches for numerous security bugs in the

No Limit On Password Attempts Exposed Zoom Private Meetings To Cyber Attacks

Once again, a Zoom vulnerability has surfaced online that exposed

Android Malware Cerberus Put Up For Sale After Team Breaks Up

Cerberus malware emerged as a dangerous threat for Android users.

Numerous Malicious Photo Blur Apps Appeared On Play Store

Researchers spotted numerous malicious photo blur apps targeting Android users.

EU sanctions hackers from China, Russia, North Korea who’re wanted by the FBI

The Council of the European Union has imposed its first-ever

Zoom web client flaw could’ve let hackers crack meetings passcode

The vulnerability, if exploited, would have affected millions of Zoom

Flaws in OkCupid app could have exposed millions of user data to hackers

OkCupid app known as a popular dating platform has over

9,517 unsecured databases identified with 10 billion records globally

A research conducted by NordVPN’s NordPass password manager reveals more

Industrial VPN Flaws Could Let Attackers Target Critical Infrastructures

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered critical vulnerabilities in industrial VPN implementations

Cosmetic giant Natura leaks data again; this time 19 million Avon records

Avon Products, Inc. is owned Brazil’s Natura & Co. which

Hacker disrupts Emotet botnet operation by replacing payload with GIFs

A good hacker with an excellent set of skills and

QSnatch Data-Stealing Malware Infected Over 62,000 QNAP NAS Devices

Cybersecurity agencies in the US and UK yesterday issued a