500 Google Chrome extensions found to be spreading malware

These extensions were already stealing from millions of Chrome users.

Institute of International Education leaks data of thousands of students

MongoDB instances at it again. Another day, another data breach

Cosmetic giant Estée Lauder exposed 440 million records online

On January 30, Jeremiah Fowler, data analyst and security consultant

Gaza Cybergang targeting Palestinian authority figures

Recently, researchers have discovered 2 espionage campaigns happening right now

Jailcore database leaks PII of inmates & correctional officers across US

The company that owns the database claim that since these

Emotet Malware Now Hacks Nearby Wi-Fi Networks to Infect New Victims

Emotet, the notorious trojan behind a number of botnet-driven spam

Emotet Trojan now exploits WiFi networks to infect nearby devices

The new capability of Emotet trojan highlights the fact that

Hackers caught using CNET website to spread nasty malware

Yet another attempt by hackers to drop malware through CNET’s

Owner of dark web Freedom hosting pleads guilty to host child abuse content

The hosting service contained well over 8.5 million child abuse

Dark web hackers selling payment card data of half a million Indians

As of today, 16 payment cards have already been bought

The Oscar nominated movie you just downloaded could be a malware

Remember, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

WhatsApp Desktop Platform Security Flaw Allowed Access To Local File System

A researcher found numerous security flaws in the WhatsApp Desktop

Hackers can steal data from air-gapped PC using screen brightness

Air-gapped computers represent one of the highest security measures one

Hackers can use flaw in Philips smart light bulbs to spread malware

Hackers can use this vulnerability to carry out a wide

Man pleads guilty to hacking Nintendo & possession of child pornography

A 21-year old Palmdale, California resident Ryan S. Hernandez has

Israeli government’s Gov.il DNS server found vulnerable

Recently, Yigal Unna, Director General of the Israel National Cyber

Hackers exploiting vulnerability in smart doors to launch DDoS attacks

Smart door and building access control systems are currently the

Avast acknowledges collecting user data; shuts down Jumpshot

The anti-virus giant Avast has announced shutting down one of

Enterprise laptops vulnerable to critical direct memory access attack

Usually, our focus is on ensuring no vulnerabilities are present