BoomER | An Open Source Post-Exploitation Tool To Exploit Local Vulnerabilities

BoomER is a Command-line interface python open-source framework fully developed

4CAN V2 | A Raspberry Pi Project To Help Find Vulnerabilities in Modern Cars

4CAN V2 is a Raspberry Pi project created by the

Salsa-tools | A Collaboration of Tools For a Reverse Shell on Steroids

Salsa-tools is a collection of three tools  programmed with C#

Aquatone | An Open Source Domain Flyover Tool

Aquatone is a tool programmed by go-lang to inspect domains/check

Powershell-RAT | A Backdoor Tool to Extract Data via Gmail

Powershell-RAT is a Python and Powershell script tool that has

A Malware Showcase | Understanding Malware With Python

Malware showcase is a Github repository that contains examples of

DumpsterFire – A Tool That Generates Network Shenanigans to Facilitate Blue Team Training

DumpsterFire is an open-source tool made by blue team member

CMSeeK | An Open Source Content Management System Detection and Exploitation Tool

CMSeek is an open-source tool that analyzes the regex of

Hacktronian – An all in one hacking tool for Linux and Android

  Hacktronian is an open-source penetration testing framework designed for

SniffAir – An Open Source Wireless Security Framework

SniffAir is an open source tool made for sophisticated wireless

WhatsApp Protocol Decryptor Tool Can Manipulate Your Conversations

Last year, researchers highlighted a WhatsApp vulnerability that can let

WhatWeb – A Very Handy Open Source Web Scanner

Definition Whatweb is web scanner written in Ruby to identify

Wifi Pumpkin – WiFi MITM Attack and Audit Framework

Wifi Pumpkin is a security audit framework used to test

TheFatRat – A Convenient Exploitation Tool

TheFatRat is an easy to use tool which helps in

Spiderfoot – An Open Source OSINT Information Gathering Tool

Spiderfoot is an open-source tool used for reconnaissance. It is

AutoRecon – An Open Source Enumeration Tool

AutoRecon is an enumeration tool that performs automated enumeration with

BeRoot – A Post Exploitation Privilege Escalation Tool

BeRoot is a post-exploitation tool to check for common misconfigurations

Cloakify – A Tool to Mask Your Data in Plain Sight

Cloakify Factory is a tool to transforms any file type

Reconnoitre – A Multithreaded Enumeration Tool

Reconnoitre is a tool that was created to automate routine

InfoG v1.0 – An Open Source Information Gathering Tool

InfoG is a Shellscript used to gather information about a