Poor Rowhammer Fixes On DDR4 DRAM Chips Re-Enable Bit Flipping Attacks

Remember rowhammer vulnerability? A critical issue affecting modern DRAM (dynamic

LVI Attacks: New Intel CPU Vulnerability Puts Data Centers At Risk

It appears there is no end in sight to the

OpenSMTPD Email Server Vulnerability Threatens Many Linux and BSD Systems

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in the OpenBSD email

Zyxel Patched Zero-Day RCE Vulnerability In NAS Devices

The latest victim of an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability is

Google Patch Serious Chrome Bugs Including A Zero-Day Under Active Exploit

Google have recently fixed numerous security bugs in their Chrome

Install Latest Chrome Update to Patch 0-Day Bug Under Active Attacks

Google yesterday released a new critical software update for its

New OpenSMTPD RCE Flaw Affects Linux and OpenBSD Email Servers

OpenSMTPD has been found vulnerable to yet another critical vulnerability

Critical Bug in WordPress Theme Plugin Opens 200,000 Sites to Hackers

A popular WordPress theme plugin with over 200,000 active installations

A Dozen Vulnerabilities Affect Millions of Bluetooth LE Powered Devices

A team of cybersecurity researchers late last week disclosed the

Android Bluetooth Vulnerability Allowed Exploit Without User Interaction

Google has revealed a serious security flaw affecting its Android

Realtek Patched DLL Hijacking Vulnerability In HD Audio Driver

Realtek has recently confirmed a serious vulnerability in its HD

The Rise of the Open Bug Bounty Project

Can you imagine launching a global bug bounty platform with

5 High Impact Flaws Affect Cisco Routers, Switches, IP Phones and Cameras

Several Cisco-manufactured network equipments have been found vulnerable to five

Google Accidentally Shared Private Videos of Some Users With Others

Google might have mistakenly shared your private videos saved on

Sudo Bug Lets Non-Privileged Linux and macOS Users Run Commands as Root

Joe Vennix of Apple security has found another significant vulnerability

Critical Flaw in Zoom Could Allow Attackers to Mess With Meetings

A serious vulnerability existed in the Zoom video conferencing app

Ragnarok Ransomware Exploits Citrix Vulnerability To Target Vulnerable Servers

Here is another incident to reemphasize the need for patching

Microsoft Azure Flaws Could Have Let Hackers Take Over Cloud Servers

Cybersecurity researchers at Check Point today disclosed details of two

Why Organizations Need Manual Penetration Testing

In this era of rising cybercrimesand never-ending cyber attacks, having