PenAir Reservation System Hacked By Their Own Employee

Suzette Kugler, who had been a loyal employee for PenAir for many years, hacked into the database of the airline system to tamper with the ticketing system. The event took place last year in May, however the verdict has come out just now.

How She Hacked Into The System?

She was responsible for administering the database system and look after reservation and ticketing.

She was nearing her retirement and was unsatisfied with her employment and the circumstances surrounding it. To avenge it, she created fake employee accounts, which she later used to create havoc.

After making fake accounts, the 59 year old woman began to destroy important systems that were responsible for doing a number of things such as book flights, show information etc.

Around 8 airports were compromised due to this. The event prevented PenAir personnels from work on the database to book tickets, seek information, know when and where the flights were leaving or arriving.

This caused huge problem for the airline as passengers were also not able to perform certain tasks.

How Did The Database Restored Back To Normal?

PenAir developers had to work the entire night to add back the important information which was deleted by Krugler and after a day, the systems came back online.

The Bottomline

Suzette pleaded guilty in the court and was ordered to provide 250 hours of community service and 5 years of probation. Other than this, she also paid $5,616 in restitution.



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