NordVPN Discloses Server Breach That Could Have Potentially Allowed For Traffic Monitoring

Extending the list of firms suffering a breach, now joins NordVPN. However, they didn’t suffer any ‘direct’ security breach, rather the incident occurred due to lax administration within a third party endpoint datacenter in Finland.

NordVPN have confirmed a data breach that indirectly involved the firm. The incident occurred with a datacenter in Finland.

As elaborated in a recent post, they found unauthorized access to a vulnerable server with one of their datacenter’s in March 2018.

the timeline of the events, the firm elaborated that the relevant datacenter noticed a flaw. Then, without notifying NordVPN, the data center deleted the remote management account in March 2018. NordVPN also learned of an expired private key. However, they assured that the key couldn’t have been used to decrypt the VPN traffic of other servers.

Since the affected server had no specific information, the overall data remained unaffected during the security breach.

Upon discovering the matter, NordVPN terminated the contract with the relevant datacenter.

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