Code Execution Vulnerability Found In Symantec Endpoint Protection

Continuing the trail of vulnerable antivirus tools, now joins Symantec. Researchers have found a serious vulnerability in Symantec Endpoint Protection software. Exploiting this flaw could allow an attacker to execute codes on the target system.

Researchers from SafeBreach Labs have found a serious vulnerability in another antivirus program. This time, they have found the vulnerability in Symantec Endpoint Protection.

Explaining this local privilege escalation vulnerability in a blog post, the researchers stated,

Thus, it became possible for an attacker to execute code by uploading an arbitrary DLL while bypassing the self-defense mechanism. The researchers have shared the proof-of-concept for the exploit in their report. As stated,

Consequently, exploiting this bug could allow an attacker to gain SYSTEM access, bypass app whitelisting, and persistently run malicious codes.

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