IoT Company Wyze Discloses Data Leak Affecting 2.4 Million Users

Wyze, the makers of various smart devices have recently disclosed a data leak. The incident, which the company calls a ‘breach’, has affected around 2.4 million users.

Reportedly, the IoT vendors Wyze has confirmed a data leak. The incident first caught the attention of the cybersecurity firm 12security. Later, the video surveillance authority IPVM also confirmed the incident.

According to the details surfaced online, 12security found two unprotected Elasticsearch databases online that belonged to Wyze. As elaborated by the researchers,

The databases included explicit information of the customers, potentially risking the security and privacy of around 2.4 million users.

While the firm initially remained silent, they later confirmed the incident in a post on the official forum. They also acknowledged the receipt of the report of data leakage on December 26, 2019. Regarding the exposure of two databases, they explained,

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