US Restaurant Chain Landry Discloses POS Malware Attack

It hasn’t been a while that we heard of a wave of point-of-sale malware attacks across various US stores. However now, a US chain of restaurant and property Landry has disclosed a POS malware attack that lasted for months. During the entire period, the attackers could steal users’ credit card data.

Reportedly, the US-based venture Landry disclosed a POS malware attack affecting its systems for several months. As elaborated in a security notice, the firm recently detected a security breach involving malware at its order-entry systems. They found that the malware pilfered credit card information from swiped cards.

They explained that Landry employs robust end-to-end encryption technology at its point-of-sale terminals. However, the breach happened due to erroneous swiping of cards by its staff on the wrong system.

Though, the incident didn’t affect the Landry’s Select Club cards (possibly due to the malware design focused at credit cards).

The incident lasted on the restaurant systems for about seven months, that is, March 13, 2019, to October 17, 2019. However, at a small number of locations, it lasted for nine months as it began since January 18, 2019.

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