Zynga Breach Update: Fewer Records Hacked Than Predicted Earlier

A few months ago, Zynga suffered a cybersecurity incident that affected millions of users. At that time, the hacker behind the attack claimed to have pilfered data of around 219 million users. HIBP has shared a Zynga breach update which reveals the actual count to be 173 million.

In September, the popular game developer Zynga suffered a massive cyber attack. The hacker Gnosticplayers reportedly breached the Zynga game ‘Words With Friends’, stealing data of all Android and iOS users.

As claimed by the hacker, the stolen data included detailed gamers’ account information such as names, email addresses, hashed and SHA1-salted passwords, Login IDs, Facebook IDs, contact numbers, Zynga account ID, and any password reset token (if requested).

Moreover, the hacker also hacked two more games ‘Draw Something’ and OMGPOP (discontinued) that exposed unencrypted passwords of 7 million users.

Following the attack, the attacker boasted about the breach claiming to have the data of around 219 million Zynga users.

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