Hacker threatens to publicly disclose Overwatch source code

The methods used to secure technological developments can sometimes seem drastic. Web application security specialists report that an anti-hacking watchdog has threatened to reveal the code base of the popular videogame Overwatch, as well as the source code of a hacking tool, as he believes that developers don’t take security seriously.

The watchdog, identified as GamerDoc, has broad
recognition among the Overwatch user community, ensures that he can no longer
support Blizzard
security approach, as he considers that he is not strict enough to end the
hacking and other problems in the game.

In an open letter, GamerDoc declared a one-week
ultimatum, after which he will reveal to the public the aforementioned
developments, which could generate an unprecedented wave of hacking, web
application security experts mention. “In 1 week from now, I’ll drop
everything on a folder; If I don’t get a proper answer, I’ll make this game
five times worse than it already is,” says GamerDoc.

The vigilante says he will only exploit some
security vulnerabilities to speed up Overwatch’s death, a process Blizzard
itself began. According to GamerDoc, the code of these weaknesses is used to
develop ways to cheat on game. “I’m not going to stand here and pretend
everything’s okay,” the annoying hacker says.

It is worth mention that, in his publication,
GamerDoc complains mainly of:

  • Overwatch’s
    current balance
  • The
    lack of contact between developers and the competitive community
  • The
    lack of interest of developers in investigating ways to cheat in competitive
    play, in addition to other omissions, such as not shutting down Discord servers
    used to launch attacks on some Overwatch players

“I know as soon as I act, everything will
get worse. That’s what I mean,” GamerDoc concludes.

According to web application security
specialists at the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), combating
hackers is the main problem for both developers and Overwatch users. Combating
these practices has even transcended boundaries, with hacker cells in various
locations being ejected from the platform, although this seems to be endless

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