Ring Makes Two-Factor Authentication Mandatory For All Customers

After back-to-back security incidents, Ring – the smart device vendors, have now upped their game to ensure users’ security. Recently, they have announced numerous changes that will help users protect their privacy. Among these, the most notable step is the mandatory two-factor authentication for all Ring customers.

Reportedly, Ring has announced they will make two-factor authentication mandatory for all users. In a post, Ring has shared about the introduction of numerous security changes, the most notable being the necessary 2FA.

According to the firm, two-factor authentication was already available to customers. However, they have now made it a mandatory feature for every user. It means that every user will now have to enter the six-digit one-time verification code with each login. This is applicable to every user account, including shared accounts.

The company has taken this step in an attempt to ensure account sign-ins are from valid users only. Users can choose to receive verification codes via email or SMS.

Whereas, the previously introduced feature of sending email alerts to the users on every successful login attempt will continue as usual.

Other than the above, Ring have also introduced new features for users to control their data privacy. While Ring has confirmed collaboration with third-party services for a better user experience, they also allow users to manage what data others collect from them.

Ring will roll out the feature regarding their sharing of information with third-party services in Spring 2020. Until then, Ring has halted its collaboration.

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