New Email Extortion Scam Threatens Banning of Google AdSense Accounts

Heads up all Google AdSense users. A new email extortion scam is in the wild that threatens website owners serving banner ads through Google AdSense to pay.

Reportedly, a new email extortion scam indirectly exploits Google AdSense to threaten website owners. According to KrebsOnSecurity, the scammers behind this extortion campaign demand bitcoin worth $5000. In case of failure to pay the money, the attackers threaten to bombard the victim’s site with fake traffic, eventually leading to the Google AdSense account ban.

Following is the text of the email as shared by Krebs.

The scammers have been generous enough in their email to explain the attack method. They explain that they will continue using their bots to target the website leading to an ad limit on the publisher’s account. That’s how the scammers take advantage of Google’s strict policies for AdSense against fake web traffic. Their email further reads that they’ll continue to target the victim’s website to make sure that the site owner’s account, after initial suspension, gets banned for good.

The victim who shared this email message initially deemed this email as baseless. However, the subsequent AdSense traffic statistics made the victim realize that it wasn’t so baseless.

In a statement to Krebs, Google explained that they have set up appropriate measures to fend off such exploitations.

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