This app lets you run Windows 10 on any iPhone alongside with iOS

Are you eager to use your next-generation smartphone at its full capabilities? A team of independent ethical hacking specialists is developing an app that uses QEMU (a well-known virtualization software) to run the full version of Windows 10 from the Microsoft operating system image on an iPhone.

The developers mention that iOS devices do not have support for hardware virtualization; however, with this app (called UTM) they will be able to connect to the SPICE server in QEMU, allowing the “para-virtualization”. Thanks to this, an iPhone or iPad will be able to run Windows 10, or even Linux, at an acceptable speed to work with.

Its creators claim that UTM will be available
for download very soon, plus users will not require a device with jailbreak to
run it. However, it is important to mention that compatibility may be removed
in the future with a possible Apple update; in this case, the device must have
jailbreak, ethical hacking experts mention.

Although the project is in the early stage,
developers have already shown that running the desktop version of Windows 10 on
an iPhone is completely possible, although the speed of installation and
execution remain the main Inconvenience. The TCG accelerator, used to run the
operating system in the app, can only run at 70% speed, although performance
increases by reducing the quality of the graphics, ethical hacking specialists

For the bad fortune of enthusiasts, it is
virtually impossible to run Windows 10 natively on Apple
products: “Unfortunately this is just OS emulation, we probably won’t find
a way to run Windows on ARM natively in an A9 processor,” added one of the
developers of this app.   Those
interested in the project can download the app, in addition to the ISO images
of the Windows 10 operating system on the official website on GitHub of the UTM

According to the International Institute of
Cyber Security (IICS), recently another team of researchers managed to install
and run Windows 10X on an Apple MacBook, employing an emulator released by
Microsoft, achieving an acceptable level of execution, so it may be a matter of
time before you find the optimal method to run Microsoft’s operating system in
Apple developments.

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