WhatsApp Restricts Forward Messages To Curb Misinformation Amidst COVID-19

In these crazy times, apart from fear and panic, another major issue that has severely affected the public is misinformation. Now and then, people receive one or the other message, picture, stats, data, fact (at times, false), or remedy regarding COVID-19. And, the key mediums through which these messages spread unchecked is social media. WhatsApp has now taken another bold step to contain the chaos. As revealed, WhatsApp now restricts forward messages to limit the spread of false information.

In a recent post, WhatsApp has announced plans to limit the spread of unchecked facts and details amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As explained, WhatsApp now restricts sending forward messages to contain misinformation regarding the global menace.

According to their post, WhatsApp has taken this step to encourage personal conversation on WhatsApp whilst limiting misinformation.

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