Critical Vulnerability In Bisq Crypto Exchange Exploited For Some Users

Decentralized crypto exchange Bisq has recently disclosed a vulnerability for which it had to stop trading. It now turns out that some of the customers of the exchange have also suffered financial loss.

Reportedly, the decentralized crypto exchange Bisq has suffered a security issue. Following the incident, the exchange had to stop trading, urging users to stop all processing.

The exchange first asked all users to stop trading, whilst explaining that they “can” override this blocking.

They later elaborated that the vulnerability also affected all existing trades. Though they assured that the users’ funds remained safe.

However, revealing the details in a recent statement, they elaborated that they found some hackers exploiting the vulnerability. As a result, they could steal currency from a few victims.

The flaw basically existed in the Bisq trade protocol that allowed hackers to steal currency. As mentioned in their statement,

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