DeepSource Reset Login Following Phishing Attack On Employee

Developer tools provider DeepSource has recently reset login credentials of employee accounts and users after a cyber attack. The incident happened as a result of a phishing attack on an employee’s account

Reportedly, DeepSource has reset login credentials and some other details of users’ and employees’ accounts.

As revealed via their security notice, DeepSource received an alert from GitHub regarding malicious activity against the service’s GitHub app. As stated,

Following this alert, GitHub reached out to DeepSource sharing more information about the incident. It turned out that the incident happened due to a phishing attack affecting a DeepSource employee’s GitHub account.

This account precisely fell prey to the Sawfishing phishing campaign that targeted GitHub users back in April 2020. Consequently, the attackers gained access to DeepSource GitHub app credentials.

After DeepSource came to know of the incident, they quickly reset login details and keys of employee accounts. Specifically mentioning about these changes, DeepSource stated,

Investigating the matter further revealed that the attack did not target DeepSource infrastructure. Nor did any security breach happen.

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