Institute of International Education leaks data of thousands of students

MongoDB instances at it again. Another day, another data breach

Microsoft Rolled Out Huge Patch Tuesday February With 99 Bug Fixes

This week, Microsoft has rolled out one of the biggest

Create Malicious QRL Code to hack mobile phones

Technology upgrade is most common factor to complete daily tasks

BYD Motorcoach To Compete In The Electric Vehicles Market

Chinese automaker BYD (Build Your Dream) has introduced the largest

PS4 Game ‘Dreams’ Lets You Create Other Games Without Coding

Media Molecule’s ‘Dreams’ is out exclusively for PS4, and to

Denmark Govt Tax Portal Data Exposed Records Of 1.26 Million Citizens

The Danish Government now makes it into the news for

Solus Ships Linux Kernel 5.5 And Noveau Driver For v4.1 Fortitude

Weeks after the release of the new version 4.1 “Fortitude,”

Developer Installs Windows 10X On Apple’s MacBook

A few days have passed since Microsoft released the Windows

This Rare ‘Nintendo Playstation’ Has Already Crossed $300,000 In Bidding War

There exists one of the kind ‘Nintendo Playstation’ that never

500+ Chrome Extensions Found Spreading Nasty Malware For 10 Years

Google has removed more than 500 malicious extensions fom Chrome

OxygenOS Open Beta 9 For OnePlus 7 Pro Released With Zen Mode

OnePlus has finally released OxygenOS Open Beta 9 for OnePlus

Google’s Area 120 Launches Quick Browser Games For Low End Phones

Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, has launched a new project

Mi 10 And M10 Pro With 108MP Camera Will Launch In India

Today, Xiaomi announced the much-anticipated Mi 10 and Mi 10

Millions of IoT devices are hackeables due to weaknesses in RSA encryption

A couple of months ago, the EUtoday website published an

How hackers stole $2.5M USD from Puerto Rico government via a simple phishing email

Cybercriminals not always have to use complex software tools or

Cosmetic giant Estée Lauder exposed 440 million records online

On January 30, Jeremiah Fowler, data analyst and security consultant

New ransomware demands photos of tits & private parts to unlock your data

Ransomware remains one of the most used attack variants by

Safari RCE Vulnerability; hackers can remotely execute code in your Apple devices

Cases of vulnerability exploitation in Apple developments are really scarce,

Gaza Cybergang targeting Palestinian authority figures

Recently, researchers have discovered 2 espionage campaigns happening right now

New GitHub CLI Beta Lets You Access GitHub Directly From Terminal

If you love to work on open-source or collaborating projects,