Google To Alert Breached Passwords With Easy Password Checkup Tool

Beginning this year, Google is seemingly working towards improving user accounts’ security. In February this year, Google announced the launch of a dedicated browser extension, ‘Password Checkup’ to alert users of breached credentials. Then, in August, Google’s plans to introduce a feature for notifying users about compromised passwords right from the browser surfaced online. Now, Google has integrated Password Checkup with Google Accounts to alert for breached passwords.

Finally, Google has rolled out the feature about which it hinted a couple of months ago towards. It has now introduced a dedicated option to warn users of compromised credentials. With the new tool, Google will alert users of breached passwords right from their browser. For this to happen they have integrated their Password Checkup with Google Accounts.

Specifically, the new setting with the Password Manager is available to all users via their Google Accounts. When turned on, it will check all saved passwords for possible compromise. As already hinted, the new tool will alert users in three different scenarios,

  • Credentials compromised in a third-party breach
  • Password reuse on multiple sites
  • Weak passwords

The new setting, since available with Google Accounts, will work for multiple browsers and devices. In other words, the feature will work as soon as the users sign-in to their account through any browser. Likewise, it will also work for users with iOS devices.

Source: BleepingComputer
Source: BleepingComputer

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