Apple Admit to Sharing iOS 13 Safari Browsing History With Chinese Firm Tencent Holdings

Apple generally holds a boastful stance with regard to user privacy. However, some recent reports have made some dangerous revelations that may hurt the firm’s image as well as users’ trust. Apple shares part of users’ browsing history with the Chinese firm Tencent Holdings. This activity primarily affects users of iOS 13 and Safari browser.

Recently, some media reports hinted toward Apple sharing data with a Chinese tech firm. Such reports surfaced online after Apple introduced the Safe Browsing feature in Safari in iOS 13. These reports claimed that Apple is sharing browsing history of users with Tencent.

Apple are admitting something alike in their warning to US users.

It is already established how Apple takes care of the Chinese market. One such example was the mess up with Taiwan flag emoji and the word ‘Taiwan’ itself. So, people may have been quick to believe that Apple has begun sharing users’ data with the Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. too.

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