Three Day Outage Prevented LastPass Users From Accessing Their Passwords

The popular password manager LastPass seemingly went through technical issues. While it is not yet known what exactly the problem is, the LastPass outage has seriously troubled users.

Reportedly, one of the trusted password managers LastPass faced functional problems. According to users, LastPass is facing a service outage – at least, to some users.

The problem surfaced online after LastPass users began facing difficulty in logging into their accounts. Consequently, they flooded Twitter with complaints.

Some shared detailed issues whilst mentioning the apparently ‘okay’ situation LastPass kept showing at that time.

In brief, the problem turned out to be affecting users globally. The bug locked users out of their accounts, making it unable for them to access their passwords. The problem went on for at least three days with no alternate option, remediation, or support. This made some users ditch LastPass for other password managers.

After repeated complaints from users and continued denial from the support team, LastPass finally acknowledged the issue. Yet, they didn’t mention any specific details regarding the glitch.

After troubling the users for about three days, LastPass finally resolved the matter. At first, they updated their status page and confirmed the existence of the issue on January 20, 2020.

Then, after a few hours, they confirmed the detection and subsequent resolution of the problem as well. Moreover, they also pledged to investigate the matter.

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