ISIS Is Using Drones To Drop Bombs And Spread Terror

Short Bytes: Following the reports from the Kurdish media house Rudaw, ISIS is using weaponized commercial quadcopters to target the Iraqi Security Forces. The drones are, however, battery operated and small. They can be taken down by the forces using signal jammers.

The terrorist organization which works by the name ISIS is weaponizing off-the-shelf commercial quadcopter drones to use them for dropping explosives of the size of the grenade, and for one-time suicide missions.

These drones are primarily intended to target Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) trying to wipe ISIS out of the city of Mosul. According to a previous report by Rudaw, a Kurdish media network, such a drone killed civilians including other collateral damages.

These unmanned flying threats are small battery operated with a limited range. And their “commercial” tag is helping ISF to take them on the ground using gun-shaped signal jammers, such as Battelle Drone Defender.

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