Xbox Scarlett Cost, Specs, Launch Date, Confirmed Games for Next Xbox

There are a number of rumors regarding Xbox Scarlett including its cost, launch date, and confirmed games. Hence, in order to clear the air once and for all, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Xbox Scarlett.

The Xbox Scarlett is the upcoming generation of gaming consoles from Microsoft. The Xbox Scarlett will signify the 9th generation of consoles alongside the upcoming PlayStation 5. It is set to be the most powerful Xbox to date.

Xbox Scarlett Cost and Specs

Xbox Scarlett Specs

The upcoming Xbox Scarlett‘s cost will likely be quite affordable. Microsoft has learned a lesson from the previously disastrous launch of the Xbox One. Thus the company will focus on the one thing which matters the most i.e. games.

That’s why the price of the Xbox Scarlett will be around $400. The figures were speculated by electronic industry analyst Michael Patcher of Wedbush Securities. He revealed the $400 price tag for Xbox Scarlett during his podcast with IGN producer Joesph Knoop.

The $400 price tag is also in line with the specs of Xbox Scarlett. The upcoming next-generation Xbox will have AMD Ryzen 2 based CPU that runs on Zen 2 architecture. The console will also have a custom Navi-based GPU capable of Ray-Tracing.

According to the latest leak, the AMD flute SOC could power the upcoming Xbox Scarlett.

Please note that Ray Tracing hasn’t been confirmed on Xbox Scarlett yet. However, the PlayStation 5 has Raytracing and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 share the CPU and GPU architecture. Thus the upcoming Xbox Scarlett could also have the Ray Tracing feature as well.

For faster performance, high bandwidth GDDR6 memory and a next-generation SSD will also be present on the Xbox Scarlett.

People have also been speculating that Xbox Scarlett will be more powerful than the PlayStation 5. It is just not true. Both of these consoles are still in active development, hence any comparison between their final performance is futile.

Furthermore, most of these speculations are based on the developer kit which Microsoft and Sony send off to game makers for testing games. These dev-kits are not precisely reflective of the performance of the final production model.

According to a recent leak on the internet. The PlayStation 5 is four times more powerful than the PlayStation 4.

The scores are based on a 3D Firemark test. Gonzalo is the codename for the custom AMD APU which will power the next generation of consoles.

We can expect the performance difference between the Xbox One and Xbox Scarlett to be in the same ballpark.

Xbox Scarlett Launch Date

Xbox Scarlett launch date

The Xbox Scarlett is expected to launch around holidays 2020. The upcoming Xbox will follow the tradition of launching during the Christmas season.

The PlayStation 5 will also launch around the same time. For a more specific date, the Xbox Scarlett next-generation console will launch at the beginning of December 2020 as it will allow shop owners to take good advantage of holiday sales.

Xbox Scarlett Confirmed Games

Halo Infinite

The game has been confirmed by Microsoft themselves on their official Xbox Scarlett website. Halo Infinite is the spiritual reboot of the series. The game uses a brand new game engine known as Slip Space.

Halo Infinite will take the series back to its roots. The Halo Infinite was released during the E3 2019 which showcased the iconic MasterChief.


Multiple reports of GTA 6 have popped up online in recent years. The GTA 6 will launch on the next generation of consoles, including Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5. The reason for the Grand Theft Auto to not launch on PS4 and Xbox One is the memory limitations of their hardware. Both consoles are around 7 years old and are considered ancient in modern technology terms.

The Xbox Scarlett, with its updated hardware, will be the perfect platform for GTA 6.

Every Xbox Game Ever

The Xbox Scarlett will feature backward compatibility with all the previous generation Xbox consoles. The games of the original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One will be playable on the Xbox Scarlett.

All these older games will run and look their best on the upcoming Xbox Scarlett.

Xbox Scarlett is expected to carry all the great features from the Xbox One, including the UHD player, smaller form factor, Xbox Gamepass and a lot more.

Even with the advent of cloud gaming, both Microsoft and Sony have decided to stick to physical consoles. Both of them have cloud gaming hardware planned as well, but the big guns are still the Xbox Scarlett and the PlayStation 5.

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