SyncStop Is A USB Condom That You Need To Protect Your Data

Bad actors have evolved over time, and so have techniques for stealing your data from your device. Earlier this month, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office issued an advisory that warned the public from using charging stations at airports, public places, and restaurants as hackers might install malware on people’s device through it.

The technique called ‘Juice Jacking’ uses a charging port or infected cable for installing malware on devices connected to public USB ports.

To prevent such attacks, you can try SyncStop. It is a device that prevents accidental data exchange when you connect your phone to someone else’s PC or a public charging port.

SyncStop blocks data exchange through data pins on a USB cable and only allows the flow of electricity for charging the device.

You simply need to insert your device into SyncStop before plugging it into a public USB port or an unknown PC. SyncStop is the cased version of what was originally called “USB Condom.”

SyncStop is compatible with Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry devices. You can also keep SyncStop on your USB cable all the time as it is an “always-on” adapter and remove it when you need to sync data.

Moreover, SyncStop is rather cheap, and you can grab it for just $12.99 from here. The uncased version or the original “USB condom” is available at only $6.99. You can also purchase it in bulk for your workplace at a discounted price.

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