First Intel-Made Discrete GPU “DG1” Shown Off At CES 2020

After years of wait and speculation, Intel has finally unveiled its home-baked external GPU at CES 2020 that will be able to crunch better numbers in graphics performance.

Code-named DG1, it is based on Intel’s new Xe graphics architecture. Additionally, the company says its modern architecture can provide “huge performance gains” when integrated with the newly announced Tiger Lake CPUs.

Without revealing much, Intel showed off DG1 handling Destiny 2 during a live demo. It also put up a laptop fitted with Tiger Lake CPU and a Xe-based graphics chip.

While the Tiger Lake CPUs with Xe graphics are expected to arrive later this year, there is no word on the release date of Intel’s first discrete GPU DG1.

Anyway, this move could be a game-changer for a company that’s trying to maintain its position in the market. The integrated GPUs fitted by Intel are enough to binge-watch 4K UHD movies but fall short when it comes to handling heavy games.

Here, Intel faces a lack of control as all the popular GPUs are either manufactured by Nvidia or AMD. To fix things up, it even partnered with AMD to release Intel Core chips with AMD graphics, but things didn’t go quite so well.

Now, the silicon giant is willing to dive into the ocean on its own. It remains to be seen what advantages Intel’s discrete GPUs will provide.

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