Read Dead Online: Hackers Are Installing Two-Headed Skeletons You Can’t Kill

Something extraordinarily strange and terrifying is happening in Red Dead Online. Since last weekend, multiple players have encountered spooky two-headed skeletons in the game, which they think is a Halloween trick by Rockstar Games.

However, what’s truly bizarre is that Rockstar isn’t behind these undead nightmares. These two-headed monsters are the work of hackers.

As reported by multiple players, these enemies with no flesh come out of nowhere and try to engage with the players in a fistfight. 

Also, good luck to the players who are trying to punch back to nothing but bones. Because reportedly, you can’t kill these two-headed bony assaulters.

Although, one player who posted his encounter with a two-headed skeleton on Reddit managed to scare it off by shooting at it. 

“I was using my metal detector, and it just punched me from behind and ran off when I switched to guns and started shooting,” said another player on Steam Forums.

Also, these skeletons are extremely good at fistfight. So, it might be that a hacker is sitting on his chair controlling these two-headed skeletons.

Spot A Hacker In Red Dead Online

Generally, hackers use Mod Menus in Red Dead Redemption 2 to perform cheap tricks like this to ruin the game for other players. 

You might think that catching or reporting these hackers is challenging; however, one player suggests that it’s quite easy.

hacker in Red Dead online

According to the player, when a two-headed skeleton attacks you in Red Dead Online, you have to look up at the sky. There, you’ll see a hot air balloon with the mod cheater in it using the mod menu.

Then, you can report the hacker, and hopefully, Rockstar will ban him for using this two-headed abomination in the game.

“Just happened to me. Next time it does, look straight up in the sky. The mod cheater is going to be up in the balloon. I just tagged mine and reported him,” the player said.

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