WiFi Bruteforcer – Android App to crack WiFi Passwords

WiFi Bruteforcer Fsecurify

WiFi Bruteforcer – Android App to crack WiFi Passwords

wifi-bruteforcer-fsecurify – Android application to brute force WiFi passwords without requiring a rooted device


  • Turn on your wifi.
  • Open the application and scan networks.
  • Select any WEP/WPA2 network and a new screen will open.
  • Tap Start to start bruteforcing the password.
  • When the password is successfully found, you will get a notification.

How it works:

The app does not try millions of passwords. This would have been too time consuming and this would definitely require rooting the device. What the app does is try 10,000 most commonly used passwords with a few heuristics (trying a passwords same as the SSID name etc). It tries all these passwords and see if one of them ends up in a successful connection. If a passwords does, it shows it you on the screen and connects to the network automatically.


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