Data of 200 thousand cryptocurrency wallet users for sale; Shopify exploit used for hack

The cryptocurrency community has suffered a severe blow. According to

210 days prison for crypto CEO who held 13k child abuse & beastiality files

A Crypto firm’s CEO got around just 6 months in

Personal Data of more than 100 Million Russian for sale in dark web for $3,000 USD

Many of the cryptocurrencies that currently exist, especially Bitcoin, are

Telegram shuts down its GRAM cryptocurrency and TON network

After a dispute in the U.S. courts, the instant messaging

Hijacking others Bitcoins on the Lightning Network via zero day vulnerability

Specialists in a pentesting course have revealed the finding of

New nasty Android EventBot malware infects devices by evading 2FA

EventBot malware has been active since March 2020. Being a

Exclusive: Scammers using fake WHO Bitcoin wallet to steal donation

If there’s one thing we have learned from Coronavirus or

VictoryGate cryptominer infected 35,000 devices via USB drives

VictoryGate is the name of a malware botnet that remained

Hackers Targeted Two Cryptocurrency Platforms To Steal $25 Million Worth Of Crypto Assets

Hackers targeted two cryptocurrency platforms, Uniswap crypto exchange and

Hacker returns $25 million after their IP address is exposed

Yesterday, reported how a Chinese lending platform named using

Hackers drain $25 million in assets from dForce

Two cryptocurrency wallets got attacked over the weekend out of

Hackers use typosquatting to trojanize 700 libraries in Ruby Repository

In the traditional sense, we usually come across typosquatting in

Google Removed 49 Fake Chrome Browser Extensions Targeting Crypto Wallets

Google has recently removed dozens of fake Chrome extensions from

Critical Vulnerability In Bisq Crypto Exchange Exploited For Some Users

Decentralized crypto exchange Bisq has recently disclosed a vulnerability for

Bisq Bitcoin exchange halts trade due to critical vulnerability

Hotfix for the vulnerability is on its way, says the

Hackers mining Monero on Microsoft SQL databases for last 2 years

Microsoft has been doing a tremendous job in tackling cybercrime

WARNING: Hackers Install Secret Backdoor on Thousands of Microsoft SQL Servers

Cybersecurity researchers today uncovered a sustained malicious campaign dating back

Cyber crime marketplace DEER.IO seized, admin arrested from JFK airport

DEER.IO, the biggest platform for selling hacked personally identifiable information,

Microsoft employee sentenced to 20 years in prison for stealing $10M USD from the company

Internal security threats have become a serious problem for technology

Samsung launches new smartphone chip to store cryptocurrencies securely

More and more firms and institutions are investing efforts in