A pervert Yahoo employee hacked 6,000 accounts using internal system

Once hacking Yahoo Mail accounts, the employee also compromised accounts

Dark web data center in former NATO bunker seized for hosting child porn

Bulletproof hoster not so Bulletproof after all. Authorities in Germany

An illegal prostitution ring took Kazakhstan offline

On 31st July 2019, internet users within Kazakhstan experienced a

New Amazon phishing scam stealing credit card data

A new Amazon phishing scam email is circulating, that tricks

Wikipedia suffers DDoS attack causing worldwide service disruption

The DDoS attack on Wikipedia is first of its kind.

Ways to Help Keep Your Business Systems Secure

Keeping data and information secure is one of the biggest

NASA astronaut accused of accessing ex-wife’s bank account from space

Outer space’s first-ever cyber crime? It seems so. The US

New malware records screen activity as victim watches porn

The IT security researchers at ESET have discovered a nasty

Disgruntled Employee Steals Over $40K and Then Gets Busted After Verifying His Paypal

A disgruntled employee took action on his employer after managing

Bluetana app detects gas pumps card skimmers in 3 seconds

Bluetana takes 3 seconds to detect illegal card skimmers, unlike

8chan down after Cloudflare & hosting firms boots it off

The infamous messageboard 8chan responsible for spreading hateful content against

Capital One data breach: 106m customers affected; suspected hacker arrested

The hacker behind the breach has been arrested after they

WannaCry hero Marcus Hutchin aka MalwareTech won’t serve prison time

The British cyber security researcher and WannaCry ransomware hero Marcus

Cloud hosting provider iNSYNQ hit by MegaCortex ransomware

MegaCortex ransomware was discovered in May this year. iNSYNQ, a

Hackers steal 7.5TB of data from Russian Intel Agency FSB’s contractor

The hackers stole the data and shared it with another

Man who carried out DDoS attacks against PSN & Xbox jailed

The cybercriminal was also involved in several other cybercrimes including

Hacker deletes entire student newspaper website of University of Ottawa

A hacker or simply call them a cyber criminal hacked

Crooks steal $28M in crypto using Google Adwords & spoofed domains

Authorities arrested six suspects including five males and one female

9 risky apps that you need to monitor on your kids’ smartphone

Parents should know if their under 18 child has these

Death linked to prank – France seeks extradition of hacker from Israel

The incident took place in 2014 in which father of