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A programmer who applied for social assistance in the Arkansas

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A researcher has released a Chrome extension dubbed as ‘CursedChrome’

Biggest medical company with 300,000 employees infected by Snake Ransomware. ESET antivirus and Solarwinds SIEM didn’t protected

According to data security training specialists, Fresenius, Europe’s largest private

Hacking Microsoft teams by simply using a GIF image

As the use of video conferencing platforms for home work

Zoom meetings invite from HR could result in losing your job and all confidential data

One of the most notable behaviors during the weeks of

Nintendo hacked. Details of 160,000 accounts leaked. Hackers can spy through Nintendo Switch

Recently, hundreds of Nintendo console users reported various signs of

Hackers demand $30 million USD after ransomware attack. Thousands of employees affected

Reports of ransomware attack incidents grew considerably as of the

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A cloud computing security firm has revealed the discovery of

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Although hackers often achieve to commit their crimes without leaving

Zero-day vulnerability in Latin homoglyph characters affects all web applications

Typo squatting is very common among technology users, so threat

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Researchers have discovered a new phishing campaign in the wild

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Information security incidents against third-party services have sufficient potential to

Delete your PayPal account from Google Pay. These accounts are easily hackable

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Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran was hacked; attackers stole $380k with a phishing email

Nowadays anyone can fall victim to an information security incident,

Microsoft employee sentenced to 20 years in prison for stealing $10M USD from the company

Internal security threats have become a serious problem for technology

Samsung launches new smartphone chip to store cryptocurrencies securely

More and more firms and institutions are investing efforts in