After US Department of Defense, Japan’s Defense Ministry becomes a data breach victim

Japan’s defense cybersecurity officers are on high alert after two

Royal Enfield was hacked; motorcycle owners’ financial data is exposed online

After reading this note, you may rather keep using your

US Department of Defense was hacked. Secrets and employees’ data leaked

A US Government defense agency that provides technology services to

Las Vegas MGM was hacked; details of over 10 million guests exposed online

A data breach has compromised the information of millions of

Data breach at cosmetics firm Estée Lauder exposes record of 440 million people

As users, it is common to think that information security

App Used by Israel’s Ruling Party Leaked Personal Data of All 6.5 Million Voters

An election campaigning website operated by Likud―the ruling political party

U.S. Charges 4 Chinese Military Hackers Over Equifax Data Breach

The United States Department of Justice today announced charges against

Japanese Firm NEC Electronics Confirm Security Breach

Lately, we heard of the Mitsubishi data breach. Now, here

Wawa Card Breach Becomes Huge Problem Since 30M Stolen Cards Are Put Online For Sale

It hasn’t been long since we heard of the Wawa

SpiceJet Security Breach Leaks Data Of 1.2 Million Passengers

SpiceJet, one of the leading airline companies in India has

Wawa Breach: Hackers Put 30 Million Stolen Payment Card Details for Sale

Remember the recent payment card breach at Wawa convenience stores?

Hackers Exploited Trend Micro Antivirus Zero-day In Mitsubishi Electric Hack

The Japanese electronics giant Mitsubishi Electric disclosed a hack last

Personal information of 15,000 Detroit government employees hacked

Another day, another incident related to data protection. The Detroit

Microsoft Disclose a Security Breach Affecting One of Their Own Customer Support Databases

While security breaches are common, the latest report relates to

Microsoft Discloses Data Breach: 250 Million Records Exposed

Microsoft has disclosed a data breach in one of its

UPS data breach because of a phishing email

Despite everything cybersecurity experts have already said and done to

Microsoft hacked. Support database with 250 million records was leaked

The information security team at technology giant Microsoft just disclosed

250 Million Microsoft Customer Support Records Exposed Online

If you have ever contacted Microsoft for support in the

Download: The State of Security Breach Protection 2020 Survey Results

What are the key considerations security decision-makers should take into