Royal Enfield was hacked; motorcycle owners’ financial data is exposed online

After reading this note, you may rather keep using your

Data breach at cosmetics firm Estée Lauder exposes record of 440 million people

As users, it is common to think that information security

Microsoft Disclose a Security Breach Affecting One of Their Own Customer Support Databases

While security breaches are common, the latest report relates to

Massive leak exposes browsing history of millions of users

Recently, Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, analysts at vpnMentor have

2.7 billion email addresses & plain-text passwords exposed online

Comparitech along with IT security researcher Bob Diachenko, have discovered

SMS and personal data of millions of Americans leaked online

  The IT security researchers at vpnMentor have discovered a

TrueDialog Left Users Data And SMS Exposed On Unsecured Database

The American Telecom firm TrueDialog has inadvertently breached users’ privacy.

Popular Camgirl sites exposed sex workers & users’ data

An organized network of Camgirl sites has reportedly exposed personal

Adobe Leaked 7.5 Million Records Of Creative Cloud Users’ Data

Once again, a prominent technology firm has made a blunder

Hacker’s ‘NULL’ License Plate Trick Earns Him $12,000 Parking Tickets

A security researcher came up with a brilliant plan to

Indian Marketing Firm FormGet Publicly Exposed Users’ Documents Via Unsecured Server

Once again, a firm has breached users’ privacy by exposing

Brazilian Financial Service Exposed 250GB Of Local Banks’ Customers Data Via Unsecured Server

Another huge data leak incident comes up this time affecting Exposed 5 Million Records With Personal Information Through Unsecured Database

Another unprotected database has caught researchers’ attention. The database that

Indian Medicinal Firm “Jiva Ayurveda” Exposed 1.2 Million Personal Records Through an Unsecured Database

Once again, an Indian firm serving more than a million

Unsecured Database Leaked Vascepa Prescriptions For 78,000 Patients

Researchers have found an unprotected database that publicly exposed thousands

XSocialMedia Exposed 150,000 Records Containing Personal And Medical Information

Another day, another data leak. The latest victim to emerge

UChicago Medicine Exposed Over 1 Million Records Of Potential Donors

Continuing on the trail of data leakages through unsecured databases,

Theta360 Exposed 11 Million Photographs Through Its Unsecured Database

Another security lapse has breached users’ privacy as the researchers

Australia-based AmazingCo Exposed User Data Through Unsecured Database

These days, the frequency of incidents of firms leaking user

Multiple Chinese Dating Apps Focusing US Citizens Exposed 42.5 Million Records Through A Single Open Database

Amidst the “cold-war” between the US and China, comes this