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Introduction Shellcode, the next phase of successfully finding exploit. Every

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IIT Madras hit by ransomware. All research and exams data encrypted

A serious incident appears to have jeopardized all the work

Russia Blocks Encrypted Email Service Tutanota

Tutanota is also being blocked in Egypt since October 2019.

Millions of IoT devices are hackeables due to weaknesses in RSA encryption

A couple of months ago, the EUtoday website published an

Netgear vulnerability exposed TLS certificates to public

The keys could be used to intercept and tamper with

New York has an electronic prison for hacking iPhones

The controversy over the use of encryption in iOS and

iCloud won’t have complete encryption. Now Government and Apple can see your pics stored in the cloud

This is a very serious disclosure for the data protection

Scientists Develop World’s First ‘Unhackable’ Encryption System

Makers of Titanic claimed that it is ‘unsinkable’ and we

Scientists Crack Largest Encryption Key After 35 Million Hrs Of Computing

French scientists have set a world record by cracking the

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The Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging standard is used by

About Internet Anonymity, Our Life and Its Relativity

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Police confiscate surveillance van loaded with hacking tools

Earlier this year, the Israeli owner of the van demonstrated

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The US, UK, and Australia are putting pressure on Facebook

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Are you one of those individuals who believe they don’t

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Tech Companies “Must” Put Backdoors In Encryption, Demands US Attorney General

Encryption has always irked law enforcement agencies and now William