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The cryptocurrency community has suffered a severe blow. According to

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Yesterday, reported how a Chinese lending platform named using

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Two cryptocurrency wallets got attacked over the weekend out of

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In addition to having to deal with their limited use

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Shitcoin Wallet Extension Isn’t A Crypto Wallet But A Crypto Stealer

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UPbit cryptocurrency exchange hacked; Ether worth $50 million stolen

The popular South Korean cryptocurrency exchange UPbit has suffered a

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Samsung launched its S10 series with an in-built cryptocurrency wallet

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This is the first ever Clipper malware found on Play

$137milllion Worth of QuadrigaCX’s Customers’ Bitcoin Stuck in The Abyss

Cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX, has suffered a security incident after it

Heritage Project: A Blockchain-based Open Source Platform To Empower Charities

Most of the news about blockchain is regarding making money

Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange hacked; suffers “significant losses”

Cryptopia, a New Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange has undercome a

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Hit by Double-Spend Attack Worth $1.1 Million

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has suspended all transactions of Ethereum

Ethereum Vulnerability Allowed Minting GasToken To Sweep Crypto Exchanges

A recently discovered Ethereum vulnerability could have allowed hackers to

L0rdix malware on dark web steals data, mines crypto & enslaves PCs as botnet

There’s a new hacking tool circulating in the underground Dark