Avast AntiTrack Vulnerability Exposed Users to MiTM Attacks

Serious security vulnerabilities have been discovered in Avast’s Antitrack and

Zero-Day Bug In Verisign And IaaS Services Allowed Registering of Malicious Domains With Homoglyph

A recently discovered zero-day bug has allowed cybercriminals to register

Vexed Researcher Discloses Zoho Zero-Day Vulnerability On Twitter – Patch To Arrive Soon

Heads up, Zoho customers! A zero-day vulnerability exists in Zoho

‘SurfingAttack’ Uses Ultrasonic Waves to Activate Siri/Google And Take Over Mobile Devices

A few years ago, we previously heard of DolphinAttack targeting

OpenSMTPD Email Server Vulnerability Threatens Many Linux and BSD Systems

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in the OpenBSD email

Zyxel Patched Zero-Day RCE Vulnerability In NAS Devices

The latest victim of an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability is

‘Kr00k’ Wi-Fi Flaw Affects Billions Of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Amazon Devices

Security researchers at ESET have discovered a high-severity Wi-Fi flaw

Google Patch Serious Chrome Bugs Including A Zero-Day Under Active Exploit

Google have recently fixed numerous security bugs in their Chrome

Adobe Patch Two Critical Code Execution Bugs A Week After Patch Tuesday

Last week, Adobe released its monthly Patch Tuesday updates addressing

Zero-Day Bug In ThemeREX WordPress Plugin Exploited In The Wild

Researchers have discovered a zero-day vulnerability in WordPress plugin ThemeREX.

Windows & Linux Devices at Risk From Unsigned Peripheral Firmware

Reportedly, researchers from Eclypsium have discovered how a problem in

Vulnerability In WordPress Plugin ThemeGrill Demo Importer Allowed Wiping of a Victim Website

A WordPress plugin threatened the integrity of thousands of websites.

Vulnerability In WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin Risks 700K Websites

Another WordPress plugin has now joined the list of plugins

Microsoft Rolled Out Huge Patch Tuesday February With 99 Bug Fixes

This week, Microsoft has rolled out one of the biggest

Denmark Govt Tax Portal Data Exposed Records Of 1.26 Million Citizens

The Danish Government now makes it into the news for

Android Bluetooth Vulnerability Allowed Exploit Without User Interaction

Google has revealed a serious security flaw affecting its Android

Realtek Patched DLL Hijacking Vulnerability In HD Audio Driver

Realtek has recently confirmed a serious vulnerability in its HD

WhatsApp Desktop Platform Security Flaw Allowed Access To Local File System

A researcher found numerous security flaws in the WhatsApp Desktop

Bug in Google meant videos were sent to archives of wrong users

Google has recently admitted a serious bug in Google Takeout.