Zero-Day Bug In Verisign And IaaS Services Allowed Registering of Malicious Domains With Homoglyph

A recently discovered zero-day bug has allowed cybercriminals to register

Denmark Govt Tax Portal Data Exposed Records Of 1.26 Million Citizens

The Danish Government now makes it into the news for

Bug in Google meant videos were sent to archives of wrong users

Google has recently admitted a serious bug in Google Takeout.

Aircraft Warning Lights Used By Planes to Avoid Obstacles Found Exposed to The Open Internet

Aircraft warning lights are obviously an important part of aviation since

Facebook For iOS Inadvertently Accessed iPhone’s Camera Due To ‘A Bug’

Another day, another Facebook blunder. Though, this time, affecting privacy-oriented

HackerOne Awarded $3500 In Bounties For Two Vulnerabilities Affecting The Platform

HackerOne isn’t only a platform that is helping the businesses

Apple Mail On MacOS Stores Parts Of Encrypted Emails In Unencrypted Form

We usually see Apple boasting about its seemingly robust security

UC Browser Exposed Millions Of Users To MiTM Attacks via Third-Party APK Download

Once again, the UC browser has made it into the

EA Website Glitch Leaked Data Of Hundreds Of FIFA 20 Registered Gamers

EA has once again made it to the news owing

iOS Weather App UVLens Sent Adult Content Popup Push Notifications To Users

Recently, the iOS weather app UVLens caused a flurry among

Apple Released iOS 12.4.1 and Fixed An iPhone Jailbreak Vulnerability

Last week, a researcher discovered a jailbreaking vulnerability in iOS

Apple Inadvertently Reversed A Patch That Lead To iOS 12.4 Being Jailbroken

Apple released its iOS 12.4 in the previous month while

Apple Bug Bounty Program Expands To Include MacOS and Other Products

Here comes good news for all researchers who demanded bug

E3 2019 Leaked Data Of Thousands Of Journalists Due To A Website Flaw

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019 gained media hype just a