Google pays $100k USD to an infosec researcher for reporting vulnerability in GCP

This is further evidence on the importance of the work

Zero-Day Bug In Verisign And IaaS Services Allowed Registering of Malicious Domains With Homoglyph

A recently discovered zero-day bug has allowed cybercriminals to register

How Google Turned An Innocent Biker Into A Thievery Suspect?

Zachary McCoy, a man from Florida who used a fitness

2 in 5 Android devices found vulnerable worldwide – That’s over a billion

Another day, another Android vulnerability – This time there are

201 million US demographic, personal records leaked online

Another day, another data breach – This time, an unknown

10 VPN apps and companies you should not use. More than 100 million users at risk

An ethical hacking team has conducted a deep research on

Fake reviews & third-party apps cause 50% of threats against Android

This report does not highlight threats against iPhones. Mcafee has

Vulnerabilities In Top Free Android VPN Apps Risk Over 120 Million Users

Researchers from VPNPro have discovered multiple vulnerabilities in many of

Facebook, Google, Twitter Might Discontinue Services in Pakistan

Pakistan recently introduced its internet censorship laws as per which

Zero-day vulnerability detected in Google Chrome

Google’s information security team has just released a security update

Google set to include WhatsApp chats in search results; conversations on this platform are not secure

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging service worldwide and

Google: Stop Using New Microsoft Edge Or Get Ready For Annoying Pop-ups

Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the planet, with over

Page Speed Optimization Best Practices

It’s a known fact that Google uses page speed as

Google kicks out 600 malicious apps from Play Store

Google’s Play Store is in the news for good reason.

How To Install Android 11 On Your Google Pixel Device Right Now?

Although a bit earlier than the usual March release, the first

Android 11 First Developer Preview Released: Download For Pixel Devices

Today marks the beginning of our journey to a new

Android To Let Users Play Large Games Before Download Completes

With an increasing number of games on the Google Play

Here’s How To Remove The ‘Unremovable’ xHelper Malware

From the many viruses emerging or spreading last year, xHelper

500 Malicious Extensions Removed From Chrome That Previously Barraged Users With Ads

Google Web Store had hundreds of malicious Chrome extensions that

500 Google Chrome extensions found to be spreading malware

These extensions were already stealing from millions of Chrome users.