Data of 200 thousand cryptocurrency wallet users for sale; Shopify exploit used for hack

The cryptocurrency community has suffered a severe blow. According to

Avengers ransomware strikes Scammers to destroy their networks

Although the malicious hacking community is huge, it is fair

Apple Siri is again recording all your intimate conversation & sending them to be outsourced companies

A new privacy scandal looms for Apple, thanks to Thomas

2 Zero day vulnerabilities in Elementor Pro plugin affect 1 million WordPress websites

Specialists in the hacking course of cybersecurity firm Wordfence recently

XSS & path traversal vulnerabilities in Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. Secure your accounts

Specialists from a hacking course have published the finding of

Critical vulnerabilities found in Apache Camel

Specialists in a hacking course have published the discovery of

Personal Data of more than 100 Million Russian for sale in dark web for $3,000 USD

Many of the cryptocurrencies that currently exist, especially Bitcoin, are

Zerodium stops receiving new zero days iOS exploits as it’s easier to hack. Prices for Apple zero day drops

Zerodium is a cybersecurity company specialized in the purchase of

Telegram shuts down its GRAM cryptocurrency and TON network

After a dispute in the U.S. courts, the instant messaging

Zero day XSS vulnerability in ‘Login with Facebook’: Hacking Facebook accounts

Vinoth Kumar, a ethical hacking specialist has revealed the presence

Big ATM & POS manufacturer infected with Ransomware. SANS & CEH certified team couldn’t prevent it

Any company can become a victim of a cybersecurity incident.

Siemens SiNVR 3 video surveillance system has 10 critical vulnerabilities

No technological development is completely exempt from any security flaw.

Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, Fedora, NetBSD, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cisco and TP-LINK affected by critical bug; secure your servers ASAP

A security alert, issued by instructors in the US-CERT hacking

This is what happens when you hack an airline website to book a business class flight for free

Although hackers often achieve to commit their crimes without leaving

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Hackers have devised highly successful and innovative methods to penetrate