Marriott hotel group gets hacked, 500 million customers affected

Records of 500 million customers of Marriott hotel group were

Security breach at Dell’s website

The company had to reset its users’ passwords due to

Data breach in Atrium Health exposes nearly 3 million records

The apparent cause is the hacking suffered by a third

The FBI shuts down a millionaire online fraud campaign

Cybercriminals behind this operation earned about $30M USD The Federal

A very simple Spotify phishing campaign

Researchers have discovered a phishing campaign aimed at the streaming

Data breach in OSIsoft

The software company has suffered a data breach that would

60 million users’ data were exposed by the US Postal Service

The vulnerability persisted on the Postal Service website for almost

Over 500k Play Store users have installed 13 games that contain malware

The malicious program could be a cryptocurrency miner, or an

Instagram security error exposes users’ passwords

The flaw was presented in a new feature of the

Two hackers imprisoned for the attack against TalkTalk in 2015

Data breach cost £77M in losses to the telecom company

Misconfigurations on Docker services allow cryptojacking attacks

A set of scripts compromises the security of Docker services

Pwn2Own Tokyo 2018 ethical hacking event

Sponsors paid over $100k USD for iPhone X exploits The

Data breach at Nordstrom

FILE PHOTO: The Nordstrom store is pictured in Broomfield, Colorado,

Hacking an ATM, as easy as using Windows XP

ATM pentests showed alarming results for banks ATMs are vulnerable

Google services collapsed due to BGP leak

The traffic was hijacked through Russia, China and Nigeria A

WebMap – A web dashboard for Nmap XML report

Use You should use this with docker. According to digital

FIFA is hacked… Once again

The organization has admitted that much of its information was

Combination of bugs in WordPress and WooCommerce allows website hijacking

  A flaw in how WordPress handles privileges can be

Exposed data of nearly 700k American Express India customers

User information was leaked through an unprotected MongoDB server The

Animal traffic via darknet is increasing in India

Species in critical situations are affected by these crimes Specialists