New Unc0ver iOS Jailbreak Works For All Latest iOS Versions Due To Zero-Day Bug

Here’s some good news for all iPhone users (and bad

Apple Siri is again recording all your intimate conversation & sending them to be outsourced companies

A new privacy scandal looms for Apple, thanks to Thomas

Updated iOS 13.5 system was hacked in less than a day

Although jailbreak practice has lost interest in recent years, cloud

Signal messaging app vulnerability allow anybody track your location in iOS y Android

Specialists from a hacking course reported the finding of a

Zerodium stops receiving new zero days iOS exploits as it’s easier to hack. Prices for Apple zero day drops

Zerodium is a cybersecurity company specialized in the purchase of

This vulnerability allows hacking & jailbreaking iPhone 4 to iPhone 11 permanently. No fix available

After a group of experts from a cyber security course

Apple Downplays Active Exploitation Of iOS Mail Bugs In iPhones And iPads

Researchers have recently caught multiple security bugs in Apple iOS

Another iOS Text Bug Crashes iPhones When Receiving A Sindhi Character

After the Taiwan crash and other similar glitches, another iOS

Latest iOS Text Bomb Bug Crashing iPhones with Sindhi Characters

Apple has a reputation for keeping its devices safe from

iOS exploit lets attackers access default iPhone mail app

The iOS exploit in the discussion is being used by

New iOS vulnerability being exploited to spy on Uyghurs in China

Intelligence agencies globally spy on their citizens often under the

Fake Coronavirus apps hit Android & iOS users with spyware, adware

Cybercriminals are trying every trick up their sleeve to benefit

Unpatched iOS Vulnerability Stops VPNs From Thorough Traffic Encryption

While Apple has built a credible stance regarding users’ privacy,

Are you an iPhone user? Don’t copy-paste your card number or passwords. Other apps can steal your data from the clipboard

Apple often boasts about the level of data protection and

This app lets you run Windows 10 on any iPhone alongside with iOS

Are you eager to use your next-generation smartphone at its

Apple Is Blocking “Asian” And “Teen” Searches Assuming It’s Porn

iPhone’s built-in adult filter appears to be having a hard

Apple Releases New Feature That Microsoft Is Already Using For Years

With the latest beta Xcode development tool, Apple announced a

This vulnerability allows hacking Apple Watch and Apple TV

Although exploiting vulnerabilities in Apple developments is unusual, new security

Anybody can join your private Webex meetings without a password

Just like every single week, a new security flaw report

New York has an electronic prison for hacking iPhones

The controversy over the use of encryption in iOS and