Iran suffers the biggest DDoS attack in history; failed satellite launch

A serious cybersecurity incident has affected telecommunications infrastructure across Iran.

Iranian hackers deface US government & African bank website

A group of Iranian hackers going by the online handle

Ride-hailing app leaks personal data of millions of Iranians

The ride-hailing app database was hosted on an insecure MongoDB

Microsoft seizes 99 websites used by Iranian hackers for phishing attacks

Microsoft has announced that it has seized some key websites

FBI Alerts Citrix to their Network Being Hacked

By password spraying, hackers stole weak credentials as a way

Hackers steal 6TB of data from enterprise software developer Citrix

Enterprise software developer Citrix becomes a victim of state-sponsored hack

Iranian Cyber Espionage Group APT-39 linked to Middle East attacks

FireEye has dubbed and exposed Iranian cyber espionage group APT39,

DNS hijacking of Department of Homeland Security causes emergency directive to be issued

As part of an emergency directive, the Department of Homeland

Hackers bypassed Gmail & Yahoo’s 2FA to target US officials

The attack was carried out by Iran-backed charming kitten hackers and

Feds charge 2 Iranian hackers behind SamSam ransomware attacks

The United States Department of Justice has charged two Iranian nationals

Twitter Publicly Shames Russian Troll Accounts: Publishes 10 Million Tweets

Since the 2016 US election meddling went under the nose

Iranians Targeted By Domestic Kitten Mobile Spyware Campaign

A mobile spyware has been found in the wild that

Hackers deface Airport screens in Iran with anti-government messages

On Thursday 24th May, the airport screens at Mashhad city in northeast

Iran Can Wage Cyber War Against USA

Iran has the ability to strike the heart of the

Android users hit by ZooPark malware stealing data & recording calls

Kaspersky Lab has discovered a brand new cyber-spying campaign targeting

Hackers leave US flag after targeting Cisco switches in Russia & Iran

Cisco switches at data centers located in Iran and Russia

Hackers Warn Russia And Iran – “Don’t Mess with Our Elections”

A group of hackers on Friday have targeted computer infrastructure

9 Iranian hackers charged with hacking universities & stealing secrets

The US Justice Department charged nine Iranian nationals with allegedly

Snowden Explains Why Telegram Messenger App is Unsafe

For years, the ex-NSA (National Security Agency) whistleblower Edward Snowden

Alleged HBO hacker identified, charged and indicted

HBO suffered a massive data breach in July and August