Critical privilege escalation vulnerability in Palo Alto Networks firewall

Here is a new example of how even the most

Privilege escalation vulnerability in Avast Secure Browser allows hacking Windows systems

Even security solutions are exposed to vulnerability exploitation. Hacking course

Contact Form 7: Over 5 million WordPress sites affected by critical vulnerability

Reports of vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins have become a daily

Vulnerability In WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin Risks 700K Websites

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Microsoft Rolled Out Huge Patch Tuesday February With 99 Bug Fixes

This week, Microsoft has rolled out one of the biggest

Sudo Bug Lets Non-Privileged Linux and macOS Users Run Commands as Root

Joe Vennix of Apple security has found another significant vulnerability

Microsoft Patch Tuesday January Updates Address 49 Vulnerabilities

This week, Microsoft has released the first security updates of

NVIDIA Release A Fix For Serious GeForce Experience Vulnerability

NVIDIA have recently fixed a serious vulnerability in GeForce Experience

Microsoft December Patch Tuesday Addressed Zero-Day Under Active Exploit

This Tuesday, Microsoft has rolled out a final scheduled updates

Multiple Vulnerabilities Found In OpenBSD Including Authentication Bypass

Researchers from Qualys have discovered four different vulnerabilities in OpenBSD

Google Patched Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities In Android With December Update

Google has recently rolled-out numerous Android updates for December. These

Severe Auth Bypass and Priv-Esc Vulnerabilities Disclosed in OpenBSD

OpenBSD, an open-source operating system built with security in mind,

Linux Privilege Escalation using Capabilities

In this article, we will discuss the mechanism of “capability”

Linux for Pentester: Perl Privilege Escalation

Here we are again coming back with one of very

Docker Privilege Escalation

In our previous article we have discussed “Docker Installation &

Microsoft November Patch Tuesday Is Out With An Internet Explorer Zero-Day

This Tuesday, Microsoft released its scheduled Patch Tuesday updates for

NVIDIA Patched Multiple GeForce And GPU Driver Vulnerabilities

Recently, NVIDIA has fixed numerous security vulnerabilities in its GeForce

Microsoft October Patch Tuesday Addressed 9 Critical Vulnerabilities

This Tuesday, Microsoft has released its monthly scheduled updates addressing

Lxd Privilege Escalation

In this post we are going to describes how an

LPE Flaw In HP Touchpoint Analytics Threatened Numerous HP Devices

Heads up HP users! Your HP PC may have been