How To Keep Your Router And WiFi Safe From Hackers

Your router helps distribute the Internet throughout your network, but

Netgear vulnerability exposed TLS certificates to public

The keys could be used to intercept and tamper with

Serious Vulnerabilities Impacted Ruckus Wireless Router Firmware

Heads up Ruckus routers users! A researcher has discovered numerous

Buffer Overflow Exploit Discovered That Overwrites Admin Password of TP-Link Archer Routers

A serious security bug affected numerous TP-Link routers. The vulnerability

Wireless Router security: How to set up a WiFi router securely

Highly useful and practical as they are, wireless routers can

Multiple Security Issues Detected In Cisco Small Business Routers – Update Now!

Researchers have noted numerous security issues in multiple Cisco Small

Critical Command Execution Vulnerability Found in D-Link Routers That Will Not Be Patched

Recently, researchers discovered a serious vulnerability affecting many D-Link Routers.

China’s BGP rerouting leaves European mobile carriers stranded for 2 hours

On Thursday, June 6th (9:43 am UTC), Europe’s leading mobile

Linksys Smart WiFi Router Vulnerability Could Leak Sensitive Information To Hackers

Thousands of Linksys smart routers around the world can leak

The Future of Wi-Fi Security: Assessing Vulnerabilities in WPA3

A new study by researchers Matty Vanhoef and Eyal Ronen

EternalSilence – New Variant Of UPnProxy Exploit Discovered Affecting 45,000 Routers

Earlier this year, Akamai researchers discovered a UPnProxy attack targeting thousands

Remember Those Leaked NSA Tools? Hackers Are Still Using Them To Hijack Computers

It’s not a hidden fact that NSA is probably the

Multiple Vulnerabilities Dicovered In RouterOS That Affected MikroTik Routers

Once again, MikroTik Routers make it into the news. Allegedly,

MikroTik router vulnerability lets hackers bypass firewall to load malware undetected

Tenable Research’s cybersecurity researcher has released “By The way,” which

Razer Claims Sila Is The “Fastest Gaming Router” Out There

Razer, the company that manufactures gaming hardware and software, has

Fancy Bear’s VPNfilter malware is back with 7 new modules

Cisco’s Talos researchers have identified that Russia’s VPNfilter is way

Four Year Old Flaw Returns, Now Affecting Medical Devices

A router vulnerability that was  disclosed  4-years ago has returned,

How To Fry An Egg On a Cryptojacked Router

After reading the title of this article, you may think

Update MikroTik routers – 170,000 devices hit by cryptocurrency malware

Currently, the malware is targeting unpatched MikroTik routers in Brazil

MikroTik Routers Compromised Via A Huge Coinhive Cryptojacking Campaign

Brazil has been hit with a massive crypto jacking campaign