Apple Siri is again recording all your intimate conversation & sending them to be outsourced companies

A new privacy scandal looms for Apple, thanks to Thomas

‘SurfingAttack’ Uses Ultrasonic Waves to Activate Siri/Google And Take Over Mobile Devices

A few years ago, we previously heard of DolphinAttack targeting

Voice assistant devices can be manipulated with ultrasonic waves

A new type of attack called “SurfingAttack” can be used

New Attack Strategy Against Smart Assistants Dubbed ‘LightCommands’

Researchers have come up with a new attack strategy against

New Laser Attack Compromises Alexa, Google Home, Siri Like A Boss

Digital assistants were created to ease our lives as they

iOS 13.2 Deep Fusion Feature Will Improve Night Photography In iPhones

Apple just rolled out iOS 13.2. The update is available

Apple’s Apology Gives Us Hope Siri Won’t Spy On Us Again

We recently found out that Apple is among the tech

Whistleblower says Apple contractors listen to your Siri conversions

Apple has acknowledged that its contractors are indeed listening to

Humans At Apple Listen Siri’s Recordings Of People Having Sex, Drug Deals, Etc.

While Amazon and Google have been under the negative limelight

Google Assistant Tops The Smart Speaker IQ Test

As part of the yearly test, research firm Loup Ventures,

Siri Showed A Penis Image When Asked About Donald Trump

Update: The issue has been fixed by Apple by deleting all

Google Assistant Now Works On iPhones By Saying ‘Hey Siri, Okay Google’

Siri Shortcuts have been developed by Apple to help users

6 Best Siri Shortcuts To Increase Your Productivity

One of the most exciting features of iOS 12 is

This Siri Shortcut Automatically Triggers Camera Every Time Cops Pull You Over

Apple announced Siri Shortcuts at their WWDC 2018 event and

DolphinAttack: Voice Assistant Apps Siri and Alexa Can Be Hacked

Mainstream Voice Assistants Including Siri and Alexa Plagued with Serious

Strange Hack Uses Siri To Bypass Any iPhone’s Lock Screen And Access Photos

Short Bytes: A crazy and strange bypass has been discovered

How To Bypass iPhone Passcode To Access Messages And Photos

A new critical security flaw discovered in iOS 8 and

Voice Commands Hidden In YouTube Videos Can Hack Your Smartphone

Short Bytes: A combined research has been conducted by UC Berkeley

Briana — Use This Free Software And Give Artificial Intelligence Powers To Your PC

Short Bytes: Braina is an AI-based virtual assistant something to

Here’s How Siri Interrupted a White House Press Briefing

Short Bytes: I’ll call you a liar if you’ll say: