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Hacker Won $31K Bounty For Reporting Numerous Facebook Bugs

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PageLayer WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities Risked Over 200K Websites

Continuing with the trail of vulnerable plugins, now joins PageLayer.

Critical Vulnerability Found In MapPress Maps WordPress Plugin

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Cisco Reveals Security Breach Affecting Six Servers Due To SaltStack Bugs

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Find Vulnerabilities in a Website Using a Single Command

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday May Is Out With 111 Bug Fixes

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With this Windows PowerShell command hackers can install a backdoor that can’t be removed with patch

A team of cybersecurity specialists has just released a report

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Twitter Via SMS Service Suspended Due To Vulnerabilities, Except For ‘Few Countries’

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XSS Vulnerability Found In Real-Time Find and Replace WordPress Plugin

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Researchers Found Symlink Race Bugs In Popular Antivirus Software

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Apple Downplays Active Exploitation Of iOS Mail Bugs In iPhones And iPads

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Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities Affected Three Smart Home Hubs

Multiple critical security vulnerabilities existed in the firmware of three