Vulnerability in Bumble dating app risked data of 100 million users

It took Bumble 255 days to respond and fix some

Android messaging app with 100M users found exposing messages

According to the Play Store, the Go SMS Pro app

Facebook Messenger bug allowed callers to listen unattended calls

The bug existed in the Facebook Messenger app for Android.

Mirosoft advises ditching voice, SMS multi-factor authentication

Microsoft wants users to opt for securer technologies citing multi-factor

Vertafore data ereach exposes license details of 27.7M Texas drivers

Vertafore claims the incident resulted from human error since the

Tianfu Cup 2020: Hackers pwn Windows, iPhone, Chrome for big bucks

In total, ethical hackers earned $1.2 million in the bug

Android TVs from top manufacturer plagued with ‘extraordinary’ flaws

A researcher reported ‘extraordinary’ vulnerabilities in TCL Android TVs –

Microsoft Releases Windows Security Updates For Critical Flaws

Microsoft formally released fixes for 112 newly discovered security vulnerabilities

Google reveals details on active vulnerability affecting Windows 10, 7

Google’s Project Zero researchers have disclosed a Windows 0day vulnerability

Hackers actively compromising VoIP phone system for monetization

One of the most interesting yet complex methods of exploitation

Update Windows 10 to patch critical vulnerability in Microsoft store games

The high severity privilege escalation vulnerability tracked as CVE-2020-16877 affected

Update Your iOS Devices Now — 3 Actively Exploited 0-Days Discovered

Apple on Thursday released multiple security updates to patch three

Trump campaign website defaced with “site seizure” notice

    According to researchers, one probability is that the

Hacker steal $24M, returnes $2.5M to DeFi protocol Harvest Finance

  Harvest Finance is now offering a $100,000 bug bounty

Major vulnerabilities found in top virtual appliances

   The findings illuminated how thousands of cloud software solutions

Self-driving cars can be fooled by displaying virtual objects

   Self-driving cars are one of the coolest innovations of

BleedingTooth Bluetooth vulnerability allows RCE in Linux devices

  Bluetooth has been for long, one of the most

Waze app vulnerability allowed users’ real-time location tracking

  Waze app has more than 130 million active monthly

New Chrome 0-day Under Active Attacks – Update Your Browser Now

Attention readers, if you are using Google Chrome browser on

Popular Mobile Browsers Found Vulnerable To Address Bar Spoofing Attacks

Graphic for illustration Cybersecurity researchers on Tuesday disclosed details about