Zero-Day Bug In Verisign And IaaS Services Allowed Registering of Malicious Domains With Homoglyph

A recently discovered zero-day bug has allowed cybercriminals to register

Vexed Researcher Discloses Zoho Zero-Day Vulnerability On Twitter – Patch To Arrive Soon

Heads up, Zoho customers! A zero-day vulnerability exists in Zoho

2 in 5 Android devices found vulnerable worldwide – That’s over a billion

Another day, another Android vulnerability – This time there are

Zyxel Patched Zero-Day RCE Vulnerability In NAS Devices

The latest victim of an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability is

Zero-Day Bug In ThemeREX WordPress Plugin Exploited In The Wild

Researchers have discovered a zero-day vulnerability in WordPress plugin ThemeREX.

Mozilla Patched Zero-Day Vulnerability With Firefox 72.0.1

Mozilla has recently released the Firefox 72 browser with numerous

Vulnerability expose Barco wireless presentation system to remote attacks

The IT security researchers at F-Secure have identified a critical

Microsoft December Patch Tuesday Addressed Zero-Day Under Active Exploit

This Tuesday, Microsoft has rolled out a final scheduled updates

Microsoft November Patch Tuesday Is Out With An Internet Explorer Zero-Day

This Tuesday, Microsoft released its scheduled Patch Tuesday updates for

Researcher Creates ‘Qu1ckR00t’ Jailbreak From Android Zero Day Exploit

It hasn’t been longs since we heard of a zero-day

Researcher Discovers Android Zero-Day Affecting Recent Smartphones Under Active Exploit

Recently, researchers have discovered an unpatched zero-day vulnerability in Android

An Android Zero-Day Remains Unpatched Despite Being Known For Several Months

Researchers have caught up with a zero-day vulnerability in Android

Zero-Day Vulnerability in Zoom Could Allow Webcam Takeovers On Mac

Another security risk targeting Zoom customers has come into the

Oracle Fixed A WebLogic Zero-Day Vulnerability Under Active Exploit In The Wild

Oracle has recently addressed a critical vulnerability affecting its WebLogic

Mozilla Releases Firefox 67.0.3 As It Fixes An Actively Exploited Zero-Day

Just a week ago, Mozilla rolled-out an updated version of

Zero-Day Flaw In Firefox Is Getting Exploited By Hackers; Update Now!

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Microsoft June Patch Tuesday Addressed 88 Vulnerabilities Including Zero-Days

This week, Microsoft June Patch Tuesday updates rolled out with

Memory Corruption Zero-Day Bug Found In Windows Notepad App

Security researcher Tavis Ormandy, who is a part of the

Windows 10 Zero-Day Exploit Affecting Task Scheduler Disclosed Online

Another zero-day bug in Windows 10 surfaced online after the

Adobe and Cisco Release Patches for Recently Discovered CRITICAL Vulnerabilities

Both Cisco and Adobe have earlier this week released patches